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Como?  - „Just Como. That’s my nickname! My mum always called me her 'sweet little Como' when I did something stupid, … reminding herself that I was the result of something ‘stupid’ she did in this incredibly romantic place in Italy”. Born in Austria, Como grew up in the western part of Styria, a beautiful rural area, home of the white Lipizzan horses and hardly an hour’s drive to Italy. At the age of 16, Como left home and moved to Graz. Finishing with a master in English and European Studies, a special program combining various languages with law, politics and economics, she was preparing for the diplomatic academy in Vienna when her life took an unexpected turn. 

Her most important companion since childhood has always been her diary, just that she wrote her entries on a beautiful old Bösendorfer baby grand. Thoughts and experiences she wanted to preserve turned into lyrical fragments and they always came with a melody. For many years she kept them to herself, “my music was a well-hidden part of myself that I didn’t want to share with anybody”. But one day “the guy who had just moved in next door, played one of my songs on his guitar. Of course it was meant as a compliment, but I panicked, … a piece of my secret world had escaped through the wall and a total stranger was citing from my diary”. 

This first contact and a series of fateful encounters paved the way to a major label deal and soon Como recorded her first album “Music Diary” in the legendary Hansa Studios Berlin. However, the music business and the sudden hype scared her and she drew back, avoiding the public and shunning the stage. Since then the singer-songwriter has kept most of her songs to herself, refocusing on what she always loved about making music as an independent artist. Just occasionally she shares a piece of her world … and like the artist herself, - her music has to be discovered.